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Ring Display Ideas

 Trying to find a better way to store all those rings you've been making? Or maybe you're looking for a better way to display your rings at events or in your shop?

Well here are a couple simple ideas on how to make/find your own ring display.

Above is a simple ring display container that is more for personal use. If you want to make your own just click on the photo to read the tutorial.


Need a larger ring box, check this one out! This ring box is made using the same techniques from above but has a more finished look due to the separations in the frame. Plus, the thicker, sturdier wood box looks more professional. Click the photo for the tutorial.


If you have a huge budget constraint try this quirky way to store your rings. I wouldn't recommend displaying your rings like this at events, but hey, it would be perfect to use at home! Plus, there's no glue involved, just grab an old egg carton and you're done. Simple as that.


Thimble boxes are also great for storing and displaying rings.  They can be bought online for around $65 but you might score a better deal at your local flea market or thrift shop. Just stay on the lookout and you may stumble upon one of these treasures!


Here's a thimble box I found on Etsy for only $55! It might still be up for sale so just click on the photo to purchase it!

Another way to display your rings is to simply take a shallow box, tray, or bowl and add some pebbles to it.  You can use white rice, wild rice (black), or small no-hole beads depending on the look you desire. I have even seen shops use sand but this tends to get pretty messy so I advise otherwise.


Hope one of these ring displays or storage trays will work for you! 

Let us know which one you like the most below in the comments!

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