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Earring Display Idea

 If you're making jewelry for yourself, friends or to sell at events you probably have made a heck of a lot of earrings and are running out of space to store them. No problem! Here's an easy and attractive idea on how to store your jewelry.

*If you sell your jewelry at events this can also be used as a great display.

The first project will be earring displays. Check our blog page for more display ideas.

Earring Storage:



  • Start by finding an old picture frame. 

Great places to look are thrift shops and local flea markets. If you find the right size picture frame but the color isn't quite right, don't worry, just use some paint to spruce it up. I suggest spray painting because it is the quickest and most efficient way of painting. 

*Make sure to do the painting outside in fresh air.

  • Next, hammer small nails into the back of the frame according to how far apart you want each row. Make sure the nails are long enough to let the nail head remain 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch from the frame. Also be sure the nail is short enough that it doesn't come out of the frame through the front!
*3 inches between each nail is average, but feel free to adjust according to the length of your earrings.
  •  Now grab some wire to place horizontally along the frame.

Use the nails in the back of the frame to stretch the wire across to meet its matching nail on the other side of the frame.  Depending on how heavy your earrings are you might want to use a thicker or thinner gauge wire. For most earrings I would go ahead and use gauge 20 or 22.

*Be creative and use a variety of wire colors to add a personal touch.

  • Now your frame just needs to find a place to rest.
If the picture frame doesn't have a base to stand it up you can hang it on the wall for easy access, or lean it against the wall.  
*You can also use vases or books to hold it upright. The options are endless!
Take a picture of the earring display you made, or another earring display idea and post it on our Facebook page!
General Bead has everything you need except the frame. We also have already made displays for a more professional look, especially useful when the primary goal is resale.

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